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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 4, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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?? ? tonight, an "e.t." exclusive, mariah carey's first interview since her split. >> people don't want to believe me. i'm telling you the truth. >> while other shows are talking about mimi, we are talking to her. >> they have no idea. >> so what's really going on withs >> you can't put it on me. >> then michael buble's heartbreak. what we just learned about his 3-year-old son's cancer battle. >> you are scared all the time. you can't ever think of a world without them. >> plus new dancing drama. we are with injured pro sharna. is she out for good? anything. breaking news about another injured pro. and -- ?? >> is carrie underwood's
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>> it was really good to hear him say, chh, cha, cha. >> now for november 4, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". >> is mariah carey hurting and depressed after the broken engagement with her billionaire fiance? that's the new report out there. >> guess what? you can judge for yourself because we have mariah's first interview and performance since their bombshell breakup. >> how are you doing how are you? >> you look fantastic. how are you feeling? >> thank you. very festive. >> mariah showed up about an hour late and was reportedly paid $500,000 per song and that would make her seven-minute, two-song performance a million dollar payday. ?? ?? >> mariah allowed absolutely no personal questions about her
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"e.t.'s" ross westin found out breakup songs are in the works. >> are you writing new music for a purpose? are you writing new music right now? >> i am writing new music right now and i just recorded vocals for a song right now. what is the vibe? where is your head at musically right now? >> i can't tell you. >> you can see mariah's rumored fling backup dancer bryan tanaka was there and she still has the so-called $10 million engagem mimi didn't quite know what to do with it. during the performance it was on her ring finger and during the interview mimi switched it to her middle finger and she kept playing with the rock which is one giant, expensive, midi ring. and while the billionaire may be out of her life, a source close to james told us there's very little chance of reconciling. mariah is so diva supreme. >> you're so close, darling. back up.
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okay. >> you've had cameras in your life for a while with the docuseries. >> yes. >> how is that going? ? i've had cameras in my life. >> it felt different in the beginning and i was more withholding in the beginning and now i'm kind of just, like, i'd rather be myself and let people see what that is because that's the purpose of the whole thing. >> mariah, always entertaining. there is also a surprise in store that involves ma r ex-husband nick cannon. according to reports, she is pregnant and many are wondering if nick could be the daddy. you can see a little baby bump that nick is reportedly renting for brittany. we reached out to nick, but he did not respond by our deadline. >> we had news about another star dad nd his news is truly heartbreaking. grammy winner michael buble confirmed today that his 3-year-old son is battling cancer.
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because you love them so much, but you can't ever, ever think of a world without them. ? you're my life and my safe harbor ? >> every single parent out there, you know what i'm talking about and you try not to think about it because thinking about it is just -- >> it's news no parent hould ever have to hear. michael and luis ana released a heartbreaking statement telling the world, quote, we cancer diagnosis of our son noah currently undergoing treatment in the u.s. we will win this battle, god willing. >> hello, e... canada. >> michael and noah were with our e.t. canada cameras on the set of his new music video. the family first traveled to the u.s. when they thought the 3-year-old was suffering from complications due to mumps.
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their careers on hold to devote to his care. >> i love him more than i could love anyone in the whole universe. ?? ?? >> i didn't know that that level of love existed. so -- but it makes me better at everything and it allows me to pull at my emotions and to be more honest and be in the moment more. >> our thoughts and prayers are with noah, michael and the entire buble a member of the royal family, prince harry and his new american girlfriend meghan markle was spotted for the first time since their secret romance became public. >> actress meghan markle was snapped leaving her torrnto home and headed for a night shoot for her tv show "suits." prince harry's new love interest was visited by police amid concerns for her privacy. she was bundled up and smiling. how about harry? is this the look of love?
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lately, smiling and grinning ear to ear since he started dating meghan and all eyes will be on the prince next thursday. that's hhs next big public appearance helping the royals honor veterans at westminster abby. he had a two-week tour. no word yet on if meghan is going to join him. next the dian prince harry's mom think about meghan? would she approve? we asked derren mcgrady who was diaaa's personal chef. >> she has her own fashion and princess diana would be thrilled that she could talk fashion and meghan does charity work. >> make things a lot better than what we're seeing here. >> that would have been a big
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princess's approval and we also know that she's beautiful, and of course, who wouldn't want a beautiful bride for their son? >> speaking of her beauty, have you noticed this? how much meghan looks like pipa middleton? that's the sister-in-law of his brother william and meghan is called pipa with better brows. >> there were rumors that harry was dating pipa. he's got a type. >> both beautiful women. >> let's talk about two big injuri o stars." it's double trouble on the show. it could totally shake up who takes home the mirror ball trophy. >> he is not looking good..o cfo >> a knee injury has sidelined, and alan burst inis rehearsing with it now. doctors are keeping a close eye on his injury and show producers are telling "e.t. "qwest it's too soon to know if they'll be able to dance on monday's show.
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james hinchcliffe is also practicing with the fill-in pro. his partner sharna burgess is still dealing with her knee injury after slipping in rehearsal before this week's show. >> i've had a reconstruction on this knee, and i felt something go a little bit on the inside. >> james competed monday with pro jena johnson and still managed to earn a perfect score. >> michelle checked in on the trio in rehearsal as sharna coaches them from the sidelines. >> how is the patient? get back as soon as i can. >> does your gut tell you anything? >> my gut is not so sure about monday, but it's pretty confident about the next one so we have to make the semifinals. >> if sharna is able to come back, what do you say to these guys? this is your last week with i'll still be the number one cheerleader and i'll be pushing them the whole way. >> it would be really sad to lose jen being a part of our team and we have a great little chemistry going on.
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and i just ggnged up a little bit and at the same time i'm kind of the luckiest guy because i've got two pros, right? >> hold on a minute because i want to make sure you saw this. sharna is wearing a knee brace and big heels. i know she says she's not sure about monday. >> that's what i'm saying. all right. up next, our celebrity romance reports with jennifer lawrence who is getting some loving from her plus -- ?? how john legend is using his -padorable babe toe promote his new album. >> and is the artridge family's david cassidy back in rehab? what he's only telling "e.t." tonight. >> i live with a disease, and i have it every day. plus laverne and shirley back together for a special tribute. how the comedy duo is honoring director garry marshall. >> i just burst out crying
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asking who killed jonbenet? >> the two-hour movie explores theories of what could have happened that christmas night almost 20 years ago. >> she fell asleep in the car, and i carried her up, and i put her in bed. >> but what's really interesting is the production uses the voice that plays jonbenet from her point of view. >> mommy and daddy went on tv it -pwas the first time most peopl sa you're involved. >> you need to talk to the police, not cnn. >> jonbenet was everything to
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a dysfunctional family comes home for the holidays and almost christmas starring gabrielle union, monique and danny glover.
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star romances are still heating up. as a matter of fact, jennifer lawrence's full-blown pda says it all at the top of tonight's show and tell. she is in love. >> holding hands on a romantic after-dinner stroll through the streets of manhattan, that is j. law with director darren aronofsky. >> she was beaming beside her he's behind one of her films and they spent three hours together before parting at midnight. in l.a. it's hillary duff's pda. here she is getting a quick peck from her trainer and now a new boyfriend of a few months jason rausch. he helped matt, jessica and bradley all get ripped. >> working out with him is hard. >> i feel like it's really changed my body. >> jason was still in sweats as he and hillary left a lunch date
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just confirmed they were dating earlier this fall months after she finalized her divorce from her hockey player jake conley. baby luna makes her video debut. >> daddy john legend posted a teaser featuing his 6-month-old and john's ridiculously photogenic baby and chrissy teigen are helping promote his new album, but these adorable moments all real life. >> i have new stuff for the next still ahead -- laverne and shirley reunited. penny marshall and cindy williams in tears remembering legendary director garry marshall. >> i tried not to let him down. carrie underwood reveals her guilty pleasures. then former teen idol avid cassidy only tells "e.t." tells
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>> i could have fallen off the front of the stage. closed captioning provided
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we need to start buying christmas presents and i'm thinking what else are we going to do about christmas? >> carrie underwood is thinking about spending the holidays with husband mike and son isaiah. >> he started to sing "dirty laundry." it was cute cha, cha. this hardworking mom deserves to kick back and indulge in some guilty pleasures. i mean, i love a good glass of rrd ine, for sure. there are certain tv programs i love to catch up on. >> her favorite show is the walking dead. he entertained military families which makes its maiden voyage and after tte tour wraps isaiah gets mom all to himself.
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>> a mom who is serious low pressure. >> let's go back to the '70s. laverne and shirley was one of the classic comedies from the decade by the legendary garry marshall. it was our time. >> i love that show. it's been nearly four months now since garry has passed away and he is being remembered in a tribute that includes cindy williams and penny marshall. >> hang on to your friends while you've got them because one mi >> he gave me a life, and i appreciate it. i tried not to let him down. >> penny honors garry through comedy in a special odd couple episode that brings back many stars that owe their fame to him. >> mr. garry marshall! >> garry was the original odd couple to tv. he gave penny her big break. in the reboot he served as a consultant and stole the show
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>> i can only imagine how honored you all are to be doing this tribute episode. >> he was always around pitching jokes at every table read. he helped design the sets. you just listen to everything he said. >> sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >>. >> in the episode after oscar's dad passes away, he and felix go on a road trip to scatter his ashes and along the way they meet many tv >> your dad was the sweetest guy and gave me my first job. >> cindy told me she was shocked when she learned in july that he was gone. >> garry is sick. i didn't elieve her. i thought it was a joke and then he passed that night he passed and someone brought me this picture of penny, me and garry
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not here. >> hello -- >> his loss devastated the show's thomas lenon. >> if you could go back somehow and talk to the creator of "happy days" and "laverne and shirley" -- i'm sorry. it's okay. it's fine. >> i completely understand. >> in my dad's will, he you and i to get together to scatter his ashes. >> really? >> garry's wife barbara and son scott appear in this bar scene. >> scott, who was wearing his dad'ssold army jacket interviewed his aunt penny. >> what do you think garry would think of this episode? -p>> always garry. it was such a gratifying day for me spending time with those folks sharing all of their love for garry marshall and you saw
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i got to talk to marion ross and i'll have that for you on monday. ?? ?? >> that's another classic show from the '70s. "the partridge family" and it turned david cassidy into the teen idol. now david's only telling us what went wrong. ?? ?? ?? ?? >> it's been motivating. >> a week ago, one of those fans at a concert in upstate new york shined a light at david as he sang. >> turn it off and turn it out now. >> i could have fallen off the front of the stage because i couldn't see. >> get thhm to turn it off or i'm not going on anymore. >> i got to a point where i was
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i'm blinded. >> david who spoke to us from his fort lauderdale home has had eye problems for decades. >> it's been highly publicized how many times i've had eye surgeries. >> five, to be exact, starting in 1962. >> i am highly sensitive. this nice light is extremely bright for me. i can hardly see your face. i mean that. >> but david has faced other challenges in his 48-year career. ?? ?? >> david first admitted a substance abuse problem to us in 1994. >> i was a closet alcoholic. i would go home and sit alone and drink. >> in 2010 came his first dui arrest captured on dashcam video. another dui arrest came three years later, the former heartthrob told us one of the
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limelight. >> suddenly the world that i knew was gone, and i sat for nine month, and i didn't know what to do. i was sitting until something comes to me. then came a reckless driving conviction and he's now sober and hard at work. >> i still have a job to do that is here and here that makes me want to continue to inspire people. >> his tour all across the states will i feel grateful that i live with a disease and i have it every day under control. >> david is also focused on his music and he has a new digital christmas album that you can download from his website right now.
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ridge's mel gibson opens up about his new babe oat way.
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kate hudson, clint eastwood, anna kendrick and they will be among the presenters of the hollywood film awards on sunday? >> can you feel it's awards season? >> we'll take you there. >> bye, everybody. >> our night out with tom, leo and justin. we're partying with hollywood's biggest stars and our scott hamilton exclusive, the new >> my brain tumor came back. we're with the gold medalist as
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